About Terra Viva Hotel

About Terra Viva Hotel

Terra Viva Hotel, results from a family idea, coming from the need that arises several years ago, when the Canton of San Carlos began its economic development in the field of livestock, industry, commerce and tourism. So the visit of people began to be increasingly frequent, and the need to stay in this area.

Terra Viva Hotel, due to its location, aims to serve people traveling for work, being strategically located in an area surrounded by hospitals, pharmacies, offices, supermarkets and commercial areas. In turn, it is also a neutral point for those who intend to travel, and get to know the scenic beauties offered by the San Carlos area.


Provide a comfortable lodging service focused on cleanliness, security, personalized attention as well as respect for guests and among the collaborators themselves.


To be a leading corporate hotel in remote areas of the capital, providing primarily comfort, cleanliness and customer service, growing according to their needs and demand; open and willing to change according to requirements.